When Is It Time To Call A Plano Tree Service To Remove Your Backyard Tree?

You probably love the trees in your backyard, and you do so for many reasons. The visual appeal of them alone is enormous, and they provide shade you and your family can enjoy in your backyard. Not only that, but mature trees can keep your home, yard, and AC unit cooler by blocking direct sunlight. They also absorb a lot of local humidity, possibly cooling your property almost 10 degrees, which helps a lot in the long Texas summer.

It’s not an easy decision to ever have a Plano tree service come cut down and remove a tree in your backyard, especially considering the property value they add. Who would want to spend money having a tree removed that adds anywhere from one to ten grand in property value alone?

Unfortunately, trees are living things that do die or have to be taken out, and there are many circumstances in which calling a Plano tree service is exactly what you need to do. A dead or dying tree is almost certainly one of them. While a dead tree might stand for a while, it will eventually fall apart and come down, and anytime a tree is a threat to people, pets, or property, it has to be removed. Dead trees just don’t stand up to climate like the living can.

Another case that sometimes applies is if a tree is diseased and might spread its illness. This isn’t really a case of spreading the illness to animals or humans, but to surrounding trees.

The most frustrating times when you have to get a tree taken down is when you’re simply ordered to. That might be a neighbor winning a court ruling, a homeowner’s association enforcing by-laws, or just your local government applying its ordinance.

Greg County Admin